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Windows 9 "Start" menu to change the color as the windows - screenshots

Microsoft is bringing back the Start menu in the new Windows. But this isn't the old Windows 7 Start menu, it's a new and enhanced version that combines functionality from the Windows 7 Start menu with some features we saw in the Windows 8.x Start screen.

the Start Menu has the same design as the one demoed off at BUILD 2014 in San Francisco earlier this year — full of Live Tiles, and all that cheese.

But once these Live Tiles are removed, you are left with a Stat Menu that resembles the one available in Windows 7. The classic Start Menu should be quite welcome by those that wish to retain the similar look and feel of the desktop in Windows 9.

we have confirmation of another configuration option in the upcoming operating system that will allow users to enable or disable a particular feature as they see fit. as if you changed the color of your desktop the start menu color will changed too.

Microsoft  had everyone getting the preview sign confidentiality agreements to make sure they wouldn’t publish screenshots or information online, again in an attempt to keep everything secret until the beta sees daylight. so i believe that windows 9 won't be leaked until October.

Windows 9 build 9841 screenshots leaked


Microsoft continues work on Windows 9, and it appears that some new testing builds have recently been compiled and sent to partners for testing purposes.

The recently leaked images and videos show build 9834 in action.and this version has been sent to a number of Microsoft partners for testing purposes, a couple of which who leaked out some images and clips from the operating system in development.

Now Windows 9 builds 9841 have been spotted online, it sure means that the software titan is working at a really fast pace to finish up development of the operating system.

This build doesn't differ too much from build 9834 screenshots leak not too long ago. It still has the Start Menu, windowed apps, Virtual Desktops and more, however everything is just a little more polished.and the Start Menu can be accessed much like the Windows 7 Start Menu, by either pressing the Windows key on your keyboard or clicking on the on-screen Start button.

Windows 9 is projected to get its very first preview version later this month, while the stable build should see daylight in early 2015, most likely in April.

Windows 9 Technical preview "windows features" Screenshot - all languages included

After months of rumors and reports, last week an internal build of upcoming Windows 9 build named ‘Windows Technical Preview’ with build number 9834 got leaked on the web. The leaked screenshots revealed number of upcoming features in Windows 9 like new Start Menu, updated desktop UI look and more. Today, another Windows 9 build  9821 was leaked on the web.

the above image shows an older build of Windows 9 build 9821 and it shows that all languages are included in windows features with size of 20 GB.....At the first glance, build number 9821 doesn’t bring too many changes, but it could be living proof that the company indeed submitted some testing builds

Microsoft is going to talk about Windows 9 on a press event scheduled for Sep 30th in the US.i will keep updating you with all news that coming soon.

Windows 9 technical preview build 9821 screenshots leaked

From build 9836 that has been spotted before a while to build 9821 now.
Windows 9 screenshots,and videos have now been leaked and Microsoft has set an event for 30 September.Until now , Microsoft has not mentioned Windows 9 by name but the image at the top of the article was posted by the firm's Chinese division on Weibo saying ""Microsoft’s latest OS Windows 9 is coming soon.

Slowly but surely, we're starting to get a clearer idea of what the next version of Windows will look like. Microsoft already teased a classic-style Start Menu.

The screenshot above of what is alleged to be Threshold Build 9821 after we got more than 20 screenshots from build 9834 last week. show off a number of features, some of which Microsoft officials have said to expect in the next major Windows release, and some of which tipsters have said are in the works.From what we can see there is no visual difference between the 2 builds.

Windows 9 isn't expected to come out until 2015, and early rumors suggest it'll clean up a lot of the issues and complaints surrounding Windows 8.

Screenshots of Office 16 and the first information about it flowed into the network


After spending some time digging around for the code name of the next version of Windows (Windows 9, it appears to be), I figured I’d do the same thing with Office. While what I’ve unearthed so far isn’t enough to say with 100% certainty, it’s certainly something more than deduction and implication (which, recall, if you will, when Microsoft skipped “Office 13″ as a code name, due to superstitious reasons).

Thus far, there’s a whopping one mention of “Office 16″ that I’ve found, but it’s from a senior user experience designer on the Office team at Microsoft, so it’s a worthy mention.

Microsoft has been distributing copies of a future version of Office to partners and testers recently, providing an early look at new features.

Despite the early stage of development, Microsoft has integrated the program set a function as an interactive assistant "Tell Me", which became available a little earlier in the Web version of Office Online.

Windows 9 Technical Preview : Many features still locked?

Microsoft will unveil Windows 9 to the press on September 30.
Invites have been sent to members of the media for the San Francisco event, in which Windows chief Terry Myerson will set out the new direction for Microsoft's troubled OS.

The screenshots, from a very early Windows build provided to close Microsoft partners, provide an even closer look at the new Start Menu, and some obvious changes to the Windows taskbar. I can confirm the screenshots are genuine, but they're an early version of what Windows 9 (or whatever Microsoft calls it) looks like before it ships next year.

Besides, these screenshots are from build version 9834 of Windows 9, freshly created on 8 September and distributed to all Microsoft partners.reported  by known leak source Wzór in a Russian forum.

Windows Technical Preview Build 9834, expected to be leaked soon with what we have seen in the screenshots but there are a lot of new features that are not active or contain "locked features" in the build.and WZ0r said the preview version of windows 9 will be update via the automatic update to get new features of Windows.

 I’m somewhat excited about Windows 9. This is due in no small part to a vague notion that I have long had that much of what Windows 8 brought to the table wasn’t bad at all,

Get Windows 9 startmenu in Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1

Despite being a far better operating system than widely appreciated, Windows 8 is a flop. The good news is Microsoft MSFT +1.09% looks to be well on the way to repairing the damage done by not paying enough attention to desktop and laptop users with Windows 9. Something we can now see for ourselves.
 Microsoft has officially confirmed a Windows 9 event taking place on 30 September in San Francisco.
Following a slew of leaks the company will finally be taking the wraps off its largest update to Windows yet showing off more smartphone integration, the return of the 'Start' menu and a new notifications panel.

But if you really want to try windows 9 start menu before the leak of windows Technical preview you can download the free ViStart program and Windows 9 Start menu skin PeterRollar at DeviantArt for ViStart program as you can see in the pictures below.

1. Download ViStart program. It’s a free Start menu program for Windows.
2. Install the ViStart without installing adware. Yes, the setup offers you install a couple of junk programs but clicking the decline button so be careful.
3. Download Windows 9 Start menu skin for ViStart
4. Extract the RAR file and Right-click on the Start orb (ViStart orb) then click Options to open ViStart Control Panel.
5. Click Style on the left-pane then click on the install button to select the Windows 9 Start menu skin On the right-side, under “Which start menu would you like”.

In the end i want to say that Microsoft's recent pronouncements suggest a full return of the Start menu and that Windows 8-style apps will be able to run on the desktop. Windows 9 will definitely be less traumatic a chance for desktop users.

Windows 9 features that Microsoft expected to be unveil at the Sept. 30 press event

Microsoft will show off the next version of Windows at a press event later this month.
The Redmond-based company sent invites to the media on 15 September, announcing a Windows event scheduled for 30 September in San Franscico. The invites indicated Microsoft will discuss "what's next for Windows and the enterprise", and executives Joe Belfiore and Terry Myerson will lead the discussion.

The confirmation of the event comes shortly after a pair of German tech sites leaked nearly two dozen screenshots of the technical preview of Windows 9. Microsoft is expected to release a technical preview of the OS at the event or soon after. The changes that will adorn the new OS will be shown during the introduction, which based on previous leaks will bring back the Start menu and add a virtual desktop feature, a notification center and more.

And these are the Top expected Windows 9 features :

1.Start Menu: A revamped Start Menu, shown with Live Tiles and menu items.
2.Windows Store Apps for the Desktop side of OS:  "Metro" apps will be capable of running on the Desktop side of the OS in resizable windows.
3.Virtual Desktops : The ability to switch entire screen views, similar to a feature in the Linux-based Ubuntu OS .
4.Elimination of the Charms Bar: The menu of Charms commands that's currently present on the right side of the Windows 8/8.1 screen may be eliminated and pushed into the title bars of Window Store Apps ("Metro" apps).
5.Cortana integration: The Cortana personal assistant app, currently seen with Windows Phone 8.1, is expected to appear in the Threshold release .
6.Update button: Allows users to move to the most recent Windows version.
7.Notification Center: Shows alerts from Windows Store Apps and Desktop apps, along with system notifications.

The Technical Preview, which won't disclose every new feature included in the final Windows 9 release set to launch sometime in spring 2015, supposedly focuses on major changes to the desktop, especially for Intel-based PCs. A second preview for ARM-based devices could debut in January of February of next year.

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Microsoft is expected to discuss its next version of Windows on September 30

 Microsoft is expected to discuss its next version of Windows on Sept. 30. A report indicates that the invitations promise a  “Windows Technical Preview” either on that date or shortly thereafter. In the last week, a number of details about the new operating system have been leaked. This includes a new Start menu, a feature to include virtual desktops and a brand spanking new Notification Center. It’s believed that the company has also been tweeking the user interface found on the desktop by flattening the icons it has used in the past as well as changing the taskbar appearance with Cortana integration in mind.

Though the event invite itself doesn’t make any references (obvious or vague) to Windows 9 from what we’ve seen, Microsoft is widely expected to give the world its first official look at the company’s next desktop operating system.

Microsoft is expected to release a preview version of the operating system for developers on September 30th, and talk more about its features. As for the public launch, it's pegged for Spring 2015.

Leaked Screenshots Show Cortana on the desktop

After the Windows 8 largely failed to convince Windows 7 users to upgrade, Microsoft seems to be shaping Windows 9 into a mixture of old and new.The next version of Windows, which is believed to be called Windows 9, has appeared in several video and screenshot leaks.
One of Windows 9's new features could actually be something we've never seen on PCs and laptops, and that's Microsoft's virtual assistant, Cortana and a the german website which claims to have obtained a copy of this early Technical Preview build, found some resource files labeled as "Cortana". They also took screenshots that show an early user interface for Cortana with reminders of time, location and people.

We’re now seeing Cortana on the desktop for one of the first times ever, which suggests that it might be available for early testers in the first builds Microsoft seeds sometime in late September or early next month. Cortana is Microsoft’s Siri and Google Now competitor which is currently only available on Windows Phone.
Earlier rumors were saying that Microsoft is still experimenting with Cortana and she might not make it to Windows 9 after all. However, this screenshot, if real, proves that she is indeed ready for Windows 9 and we might see her later this month when the preview is said to launch.

Wi-Fi Sense feature spotted in windows 9 build 9834

 The leaked Windows 9 Technical Preview is giving us a great glimpse for the next version of Windows. However it’s important to pay really close attention to every screenshot and every video as they can uncover features or changes we still haven’t seen..

 I already said that Windows 9 to Bring Storage Sense, Reveals Leaked Build 9834. Microsoft's next update for its desktop operating system will reportedly add the Storage Sense feature.For the uninitiated, the Storage Sense made its debut along with the Windows Phone 8.1 update. It allows users to manage the storage space of the Windows Phone device. Besides, it shows what is filling up the storage such as apps, games, videos, downloads and system.

Now there are a few more ‘senses’ in Windows 9 including Wi-Fi Sense and Storage Sense .Ever since the Windows Windows aka"threshold" build 9788 first leaked, we have been witnessing new features and functionalities in the upcoming OS via images and videos in good numbers. This time an alleged screenshot shows the Windows 9 build 9834 to arrive with a Wi-Fi Sense feature.

Wi-Fi Sense is a feature that does two very important things. It can help automatically connect you to local, open Wi-Fi networks and it can help share your own Wi-Fi credentials with your friends and contacts, but without the security compromise. Again, in bullet form for all of you scanning this post:

Currently, there are no details as to how the feature will work in Windows 9. However, it would be interesting to see Microsoft bringing the functionality to the upcoming Windows update as there are a number of low-cost tablets and laptops with limited storage option, which could make the most of the Storage Sense.

Windows 9 video shows new Notification Center

Last week, i posted multiple screenshots of Windows 9 Technical Preview. The leaked screenshots has revealed number of upcoming features in Windows Threshold. First, you can see the new Start Menu which includes Live Tiles and other modern apps(Start Menu). Second, you can see the way to switch between multiple desktop environments(virtual desktops).

The Windows 9 leaks keep coming. Today we have a video of the rumored Notification Center on Windows 9 in action. The Windows 9 Notification Center collects toasts and alerts from traditional Windows applications and system notifications, alongside those generated from Windows 8-style apps.

Don't put too much stock in this early look. Even if it is legit (and there's no guarantee of that), there's plenty of time for things to change before Windows 9 hits the street. Though this fly-through does look very similar to the last peek we had.

How to enable or disable charms bar in windows 9

One of the big annoyances present in Windows 8 was "Hot Corners" feature which allows users to access some predefined shortcuts by moving the mouse cursor to top-left or top-right corners of computer screen. When you move the cursor to top-left corner of screen, the "App Switcher" or "App Switch List" is shown which allows you to navigate between running apps or close running apps. When you move the cursor to top-right corner of screen, "Charms Bar" is shown which provides quick access to 5 shortcuts: Search, Share, Start, Devices and Settings.

Although these hot corners were designed to help Windows 8 users but most of the users found them annoying and useless. They wanted to disable these hot corners but Microsoft didn't provide any option to disable these irritating hot corners,but when Microsoft has released Windows 8.1 update for Windows 8 users which comes with many new features and fixes and one of these new features is the built-in option to disable hot corners in Windows 8.1. and windows 9 has same feature so if you really don't like the charm bar and you feel its annoying you can disable it very fast.
Recently a lot of rumors says that Microsoft has come to its senses and will dump the Charms bar but not thing from that happened.

Now Windows 9 users will not need to use any extra software to turn off these hot corners. You can disable hot corners quickly and easily using Taskbar Properties.

If you are using Windows 9 or technical preview and want to disable "Charms Bar" hot corners, this tutorial will definitely help you:

METHOD : Using Taskbar Properties

1. Right-click on Taskbar and select Properties option.

2. It'll open Taskbar and Start Menu Properties window.

3. Go to "Navigation" tab and uncheck to "disable" or check to "enable" following option present in "Corner navigation" section: When I point to the upper-right corner, show the charms.

How to switch between start screen and start menu on windows 9

Screenshots of the upcoming Windows 9 have leaked from its Technical Preview release. The screenshots show a refreshed user interface with some new, flat iconography, alongside the long awaited return of the classic Start menu.

When Windows 8 was first released, the only way to boot directly to the Desktop was to employ some registry hack or install a program that does the same but today Microsoft has change that by bringing and start menu and booting to the desktop on windows 9.

So, if you're one of those people that clicks or touches on the Desktop app every time you start your computer, you'll be happy to know that configuring Windows 9 to skip the Start screen and use your classic desktop altogether is a really easy change to make.
1- If you're using a keyboard or mouse and are already on the Desktop, which seems likely considering the change you're wanting to make here, right-click on the taskbar and choose Properties, then skip to Start Menu.
 2- Check the box next to "use the start menu instead of start screen" as you can see in the picture above.
3- Touch or click the OK button to confirm the change.

'Accounts' renamed to 'Users and accounts' in windows 9 build 9834

A huge leak just happened. Earlier this morning we posted leaked screenshots of Windows 9,these screenshots revealed a lot more than just how the OS looks (not much different by the way). We also learned of several new features, and have an answer to how Microsoft is (currently) planning to handle the Start Screen.

WinFuture claims to have received these screenshots from a certain employee of Microsoft's partner who has access from his own account for the pre-release version of the new operating system.
The report further reveals the leaked package contains a total of 21 screenshots that show the Windows 9 Technical Preview, which is expected by either late September or early October.

one of the Visual changes in PC Settings that we can notice is the changing of 'Accounts' and replacing it with 'Users and accounts' in windows 9 build 9834.maybe they add some new features inside.
Since this is an early preview of Windows 9 in an unfinished state, any of these features could change before Microsoft officially releases the OS. It is expected to release a public beta of Windows 9 later this month.

Storage Sense coming to Windows 9 in PC Settings

A bunch of screenshots for Microsoft's next major release of its personal computer operating system have leaked, giving an insight into how the OS will look, ahead of its public roll-out.

Codenamed Threshold, Windows 9 is likely to bring several improvements on the current version including a new Start menu, modern apps and multi-desktop features. These features have now been caught in leaked screenshots.

an other feature that has been add to Microsoft new OS is Storage Sense that people who use windows phone know about it,With Storage Sense, it becomes easy to move apps that are already installed on the phone over to micro SD in a group, rather than individually. Similarly, if you want to uninstall several apps at once, you can use Storage Sense to do that as well.

A few features such as new interactive live tiles and folders within the tile-UI do not appear to be present in this build, but considering those features aren't supposed to arrive until after the preview launches,

How to use Windows 9 new multi-desktop - Video

The leaked Windows 9 screenshots that reached the web yesterday confirmed that Microsoft was working to implement multiple desktops in the upcoming operating system, but obviously very little was known about this brand new feature.

Good news is that Microsoft is likely to get rid of the annoying side pop-up called the Charms Bar. Also the Start button will come back for good to allow users to easily access programs and files. The new screenshots show more additions, for example modern UI apps such as Store, Mail, News and Camera will get desktop windowing in Windows 9.

In this video you can see the way to switch between multiple desktop environments.The virtual desktops feature allows users to have more than 1 desktop with different windows at a time. The feature allows users to look at all the windows open in that particular desktop and close them right from the virtual desktop switcher.

In Windows 9 you can make the Start menu look like Windows 7 with no tiles -Video

Microsoft may have demonstrated its new Start menu earlier this year, but thanks to a recent "Windows 9" leak we’re now seeing every single part of the company’s plans for bringing back this popular feature. German site WinFuture has posted a video that demonstrates how the Start menu works in the next major release of Windows.

This second video reveals a different UI of this feature, that brings it in line with the design used by Microsoft in Windows 7.

If you want a Windows 7-style Start menu and have no intention of using Modern apps, Microsoft has good news for you. After removing all of the apps, you get a Start menu that looks a lot like the one from Windows 7.

How to use Windows 9 new Start Menu - video

 We still don't know a lot about the next version of Windows, codenamed "Threshold," but a bunch of new screenshots have been leaked, giving us a closer look at Microsoft's next platform.
The update, codenamed Threshold and possibly called Windows 9 or just plain Windows, takes some features from Windows 8 and grafts them onto the classic desktop. While we've known for some time that Windows 9 will have a pop-up Start menu and the ability to run modern apps in windowed mode, the new screenshots from Computer Base and give even greater detail on how things will work.

The video starts with the new Start Menu with integrated Modern UI attachment, we get to see the user manipulate the traditional looking left hand section of the Start Menu. It looks a lot like you would expect and have seen in Microsoft's official single screenshot from BUILD. The traditional looking area of the menu can hold programs and recent documents and be customised. At the top of this part of the menu Microsoft has put the gadgets for your User Account and Power (sleep, shut down, restart - shown below).

At the top, you can quickly switch between different user profiles. The left side of the Start menu is similar to what we've seen on Windows 7 and earlier releases, while the right side of the new menu shows Metro-styled Live Tiles that can be added or removed. Adding more tiles will cause the Start menu to expand.