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Windows Blue Release date

When Microsoft began to send out invitations for its Windows 8 launch event on Oct. 25, many expected to learn more about the company's new Surface tablet as well.butwhat about windows blue?
Windows Blue may be released as soon as… hold your breath… mid-2013. That’s right, mid-2013, despite the fact that Windows 8 got to see daylight in October, 2012.

And the date could make sense. Sort of.

Because of the disappointing sales performance of Windows 8, Microsoft may need to fix all problems quickly, so Windows Blue could be the one in charge with bringing the Windows brand back on most computers around the world.

Even though it may not comprise all features requested by users, such as a Start button, Windows Blue may be released this year to solve some of the issues with Windows 8. More like a facelift, if you wish, so Windows Blue may in the end be just a major upgrade for the existing OS.

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