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How to remove watermark on windows blue build 9369

Microsoft releases a testing build of Windows or service pack, a watermark is always shown on Windows Desktop. This watermark usually shoWhenever ws the build number of Windows or service pack.

Many people don't like this watermark on their Desktop as it hides some part of the wallpaper and sometimes doesn't look nice on Desktop wallpapers.

There are many methods available to remove the watermark from Windows Desktop. These methods include modifying system files using our favorite tool "Resource Hacker". One needs to open a specific system file in Resource Hacker and then remove the text present in the file which is shown on Desktop

Many Windows Blue full readers asked us how to remove this watermark from Windows 8 pro Build 9369 Desktop? Believe me removing watermark from Windows Desktop was never so easy before.

Although the watermark string is stored in a system file "shell32.dll.mui" in Windows 8 but the process of showing this watermark on Desktop is a bit different in Windows 8 pro new builds.

But if you want to remove the watermark on windows blue build 9369 you Have to download My_WCP_Watermark_Editor then just can just double click on it.and enjoy your new windows 8 build.

in the recently leaked build Windows Blue Build 9369 has found some useful innovations.The first novelty is that now with a mouse click you can access a list of all the applications for this there is a button at the bottom of the screen.
When clicked, the user opens the whole list of applications. This once again confirms that the support has been improved mouse...

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