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The truth of windows 8.1 pro preview "blue" build 9374

Windows Blue or Windows 8.1, whatever it will be called, in any case these early builds make it clear that Microsoft is continuing down the same path of Windows 8. Microsoft seems to be doing its best to optimize the OS for touch operation, which is really apparent from the settings menu in the start screen that is becoming more and more a real alternative to the Configuration screen

Microsoft has yet to comment about the Windows 8.1 , but has confirmed that Blue is a part of the next wave of OS.

Some screenshots of what appear to be build 9369 of Windows Blue, which we recently learned was Windows 8.1, have leaked onto the internet.Windows 8.1 build 9369 is apparently available for download on some private torrent trackers and, even though users are currently looking for a public download link, it might seem like only a few select partners got their hands on the new version.

Unlike the leaked photo of 9375, this build does not make mention to the name "Windows 8.1", but that is probably because it is an earlier build. This build contains Internet Explorer 11, for those curious. The full build tag is 6.3.9369.0.fbl_partner_out14.130324-1300 (x64).

and today April 9,a new screenshot exposure of Windows 8.1 (code-named "Windows Blue") latest screenshots of the leaked is Build 9374.

after getting a copy from windows 8.1 preview pro build 9374 i start searching on the files but what it confused me is was the licence and here is what i found:

and this mean that this build is available for developers tell January 15, maybe it the beginning of windows 9.

for 2ed picture: 

 EULA = End User Licence Agreement ,so now we have the proof that windows build 9374 is a part from windows Blue even It’s unclear whether everything in this preview will make it to the final version of Windows Blue / 8.1 and perhaps there will be even more additions, but it does appear to be a positive and constructive evolution of Windows 8.

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