Windows 8.1 build 9385 Windows Store screenshot

3:07 PM
Images of Windows 8.1 build 9385 have appeared on internet. Users in forums posted screenshots of Windows 8.1 desktop and an image downloading the ISO file as well. According to some usres, this screenshots come from Microsoft Partner Network, which received the build a week ago. There’s no Start menu on the screenshot, so it is likely we still won’t see the Start button once Microsoft release this update to the public – the update might only contain bug fixes and more control panel options, as neowin reports.

Apparently, Microsoft has added a download progress bar to the Live Tile in Windows 8.1,and today i am giving you a new screenshot of windows store of windows 8.1 build 9385.
there is no big difference between the store of windows 8.1 build 9385 and windows 8 but According to a new finding today, Microsoft may be looking to enhance the Live Tile just a bit. and you can easily switch between store and your applications using the arrow placed left-down.

Windows 8.1 build 9385 is the successive version of  windows 8.1 provided with the codename “Blue”. Before this windows 8.1 have already made 8.1 made having the difference of 5 in terms of mathematics  five: 9364, 9369, and 9374. May be these are possibilities that the windows 8.1 build 9385 could be having a difference edge from the 9364, 9369, and 9374 as they all have a difference of 5 in their versions but this windows 8.1 build 9385 seems to be formatted.

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