01 May, 2013

Download Windows 8.1 Build 9385 X86 direct link-Updated

7:54 AM
A few hours ago, we discovered the leaked references of the Windows 8.1 preview, and it seems that there was more than meets the eye as screenshots of Windows 8.1 build 9385 have already surfaced on the Internet today. and a lot of faker has leak their own build like its real windows 8.1 build 9385.and i want to add some thing and say the only leaked build is X86 and there is no build X64 now but This would drop additional hints at the possibility of the build being leaked out in the days ahead. Apart from the desktop image,

Download it from here ....chose one link :
2- Download Windows 8.1 Build 9385 X86 direct link By  Ahmed Magdi

you can download this build using torrent from here :build 9385 X86 Torrent

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