31 May, 2013

F12 Developer Tools updated and integrated (combined) with IE11.

12:12 PM
 Can you imagine building and debugging a website’s code without the assistance of some kind of integrated development and debugging tools? For those of us who have been developing sites and web apps for more than a few years, we don’t have to imagine that—it was a reality we dealt with on a regular basis.

But times have changed. The heavy demands and responsibility placed on web developers today have necessitated the rise of developer tools in all modern browsers.

With the release of IE11 and integration of F12 Developer Tools, the IE team has advanced on its commitment to helping developers debug their front-end code quickly and improve site performance.
In all the other browser’s tools you right click on an element and there is an “Inspect Element” menu item which you can click to inspect that element. Both techniques require two clicks and roughly the same amount of mouse movement, but IE’s is the odd man out and most web developers are going to feel that this is backwards. Perhaps the IE team feels that adding “Inspect Element” to the right click menu would expose it to users who should not see it. But that could easily be solved by only exposing it while F12 Tools are actually active.

an other interesting thing about this picture is that the build contain this version of IE11 is build 94xx and this make things clear that windows 8.1 pro preview is coming soon with some huge improvement.
some rumors says that this build is 6.3.9405.0.fbl_partner_out20.130515-1746 .

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