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How to Fix Wi-Fi bug on Windows 8.1

I've upgraded to Windows 8.1 about a days ago and noticed very quickly that there is a bug where the Wi-Fi connection will just stop working once in a while. In my research, I found that this is a very common bug on laptops and that it is being worked on.

I found that the only real solution to the bug is to disable Wi-Fi and the re-enable it. This is easy on laptops that have a switch that does just that. However, my laptop doesn't have such a switch. It soon became very annoying to have to go into the 'Network Connections' control panel to disable and re-enable the adapter.

So, I developed a small application that will test to see if your Wi-Fi connection is usable and then do the above steps if needed. I figured I'd put it here for anybody who might find it useful.

Download WiFiFixer

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