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Win9/Win8.2 Start Menu New Design

Concepts are a great way to envision what upcoming products might look like, while at the same time, tipping off the developing companies to what the user base would appreciate having. Just a couple of days back, we tipped our readers off to rumors pertaining to Windows 8.2.

We learned earlier this week that Microsoft will reportedly bring back its dearly departed Start menu to Windows 8.2, a change that will come as welcome news for many desktop users who feel isolated by some of the changes the company has made to its signature operating system and now DeviantArt user 34moiso have designed a Windows9 Start menu, the design looks very simple and very practical as you can see in the picture above, is expected to be real.
Of course, this design still need some improvement, Microsoft may also make completely a different design. However, the design also shows new method to integrate the start menu to the new operating system.
 Paul Thurrott at Windows IT Pro has written in greater detail about how Microsoft’s vision for Windows 8.2 is all about making desktop fans happy again… and it goes way beyond bringing back the Start menu.

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