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Windows 8.2 Update :more details on Threshold

The most prominent rumor surrounding the next version of Windows is its codename: Threshold. But the title is more than just an internal reference point– it’s a callback to one of Microsoft’s biggest franchises. Microsoft borrows this name from the planet around which the first halo ring orbited in the original “Halo” game, as Windows guru Mary Jo Foley reports. The Threshold update will reportedly include updates to three major platforms: the Xbox One, Windows and Windows Phone.

In fact, Windows Threshold is rumored to feature a common core for touch, voice, and mouse/keyboard devices. Here is a breakdown of what Threshold is rumored to feature:

1-A common core for touch/voice-first devices & mouse-first devices. The cloud services core moves independently.
2-A common UX for touch/voice-first devices. A separate UX for mouse-first devices. The cloud team will create separate front-ends for both.
3-A common app runtime for touch/voice/mouse-first devices. A legacy games runtime for voice-first devices. Legacy app runtimes for touch-first & mouse-first devices. The cloud team does its own thing with 4-IAAS & PAAS offerings, within which apps using these or other runtimes may be executed.
5-The touch-first SKU will work on 4” to 8” displays, on devices produced by Microsoft & select partners.
6-The mouse-first SKU will work on 10” to 30” displays, and will be sold at retail, to all partners & through volume licensing.
7-The voice-first SKU will work on 40” to 80” displays, on Microsoft devices.
8-The cloud team will deliver various SKUs customized for independent app developers, businesses & government.
These details come from a Microsoft insider known as MSFTNerd. According to him, these details are "based on a heavy dose of speculative information by Microsoft employees who are not directly involved in program management on these products and the boatload of semi-accurate rumors that are out there already."

This rumor also states that Microsoft is working to make it so you can purchase apps via the Windows Store and run those apps on your Windows Phone, Windows 8/RT, and Xbox One without having to pay twice.

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