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Download directx 11.2 for windows 8.1

Most of us are using computer for playing games. And for doing so, you need an additional software called DirectX. DirectX is a tool which was coming from Microsoft. This program has a collection of large application Program interface which will helps you to support games without any issues. If you use this tool in your system then you'll get better video experience and more gaming experience. This tool was used by one fourth of the windows users.

the new version will not work on Windows 7. It is exclusively developed and designed for Windows 8.1 that enhances the graphical output of the system. It is amazing and smoother. The fresh video driver update allows you to have amazing graphic output.

DirectX is indeed a very important component for your Gaming Windows PCs. The new stuffs we gonna get in DirectX 11.2 are as follows:
  • HLSL shader linking
  • Inbox HLSL compiler
  • GPU overlay support
  • DirectX tiled resources
  • Direct3D low-latency presentation API
  • DXGI Trim API and map default buffer
  • Frame buffer scaling
  • Multithreading with SurfaceImageSource
  • Interactive Microsoft DirectX composition of XAML visual elements
  • Direct2D batching with SurfaceImageSource
Download directx 11.2 for windows 8.1

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