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RogueKiller 8.8.1 is an anti-malware program for windows 8.1

RogueKiller is a small app that serves to eliminate rogue processes, whether they be false antivirus apps or useless optimizers. It's portable and compatible with32 and 64 bit versions of Windows.

When you first run RogueKiller, it will search for services and processes that may be hidden on your computer. It scans quickly and will rapidly quarantine anything suspicious.

Once the scan has been completed, RogueKiller will delete the files. It's best to look at the text reports generated by the app though, to make sure everything picked up by RogueKiller is in fact, harmful. In our tests, RogueKiller was very aggressive, taking innocuous programs for malicious ones. Overall, you should be very comfortable with system processes and the inner workings of Windows to safely use the program.

The other features of the program allow RogueKiller to undo the damage caused by fake antivirus tools, such as repairing host files, proxies, DNS and shortcuts. You'll even be able to read the Roguekiller developer's opinions on why you most likely got infected.
Download RogueKiller 8.8.1 32bit
Download RogueKiller 8.8.1 64bit

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