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Download Red Baron II 3D game for windows 10

Dynamix has once again created an incredible historical simulation of air combat with Red Baron 3D. Red Baron I and II were well received with their excellent take on World War I air combat, and Red Baron 3D brings back the excellence with the wonders of 3D accelerator technology and much, much more.


The game boasts a number of good features such as 3D planes, buildings, bridges, and the occasional skydiving pilot (without a parachute). Also, the Glide-enabled features really add to the fun and realism of the game. The sound effects must also be mentioned as a feature because they were really extensive, from the sputtering of the engine every once in a while, to the groan of the pilot as a bullet hits him. Also, the multiplayer is rather good because of the constant online war going on. has a WWI scenario up and players run the battles and determine the outcome. Even though it has a small following, it is still pretty cool.


The gameplay in Red Baron 3D is really very good with the ability to alter a large number of realism settings to change how the planes fly and whether or not you die. Though the maps can be big, and the planes are slow, there is a time compression feature that is very useful. The missions are varied, as is the campaigns and the Fly Now feature can be set to random, or preset, and pits you against enemy aircraft every specified number of minutes. Without radar and guided systems, the game really tests your dogfighting skills and determination. Online play will also test you because it can get pretty hairy if there is more than 5 people in a close-quarter dogfight, which there usually is. If there is lag, though, it is really hard to fight, because even hitting an enemy takes a whole lot of work. In the end, though, it is worth it to see the plane spiral to the ground and explode.

Download Red Baron II 3D game for windows 10

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