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How to Activate and Enable REFS File System on Windows 10

Microsoft has a new file system designed to increase data integrity, scalability and availability called the Resilient File System (ReFS).  This file system has leveraged many of the NTFS file system goodies and expanded them to make it more scalable and prevent corruptions.

 The final version of Windows 10 uses NTFS and Microsoft has not added any option to enable the ReFS file system in the system. Resilient File System (ReFS) is a new local file system that maximizes data availability, despite errors that would historically cause data loss or downtime. Microsoft has only added ReFS file system in Windows Server 2012 and there is no direct option to activate or enable ReFS in Windows 10.

But if you still keen to try and test ReFS on your Windows 10 system then here is the way to activate ReFS on your system.

First download REFS enabler from here.

Once you download and run Enable ReFS.reg.

Click on yes if you want to continue,then OK after that the option to format non system drive as REFS file system will be available via command line option or via Windows Explorer right click content menu for Format as shown in screenshot.

If you want to disable Refs file system in windows 10 i have attached an other file for you so just double click and disable it.

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