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How to Add "Copy To" and "Move To" to the context menu in windows 10


The Right-Click menu is one of the most messed with pieces of Windows. If you have installed a large amount of applications, your right-click menu can become quite large and eventually just take way too long to load.and as you know the right-click context (shortcut) menu is a very powerful tool so it is fortunate that it is easy to configure and customize.
So if you want really want to Copy or Cut something here we are a nice and an easy adds to the context menu with a simple registry hack allows you to move and copy your items.

Step 1: Download Copy-Move-To file from here.
Step 2: Extract the file and double click to open the Copy-Move-To.reg
Step 3: you will get a Registry Editor windows then just click Yes.Step 4: you are done then when you click on Move to or Copy to you will get small windows like :

This adds to the right-click context menu is really nice especially useful for average PC users since it is simple to add handy functions to it.

Note: If you want to restore your context menu i have attached Restore.reg file so just double click and you context menu will back to the original.

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