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How to Boot into Safe Mode in windows 10 without using F8

Are you struggling to boot into Safe Mode in Windows 10? Have you tried pressing both F8 and Shift+F8 and they don't work? That's because a lot has changed with the boot procedure in Windows 10. The boot has become so fast that it literally cannot be interrupted by any of your keypresses.

The Safe Mode of Windows one of the well known special state of operating system that is effectively a diagnostics mode for Windows. In Safe Mode, Windows OS loads only the bare minimum drivers and services that are required by the operating system. By loading only the minimal set of features, Safe Mode is useful in isolating the root cause and troubleshooting the problem of the Windows operating system, such as faulty device driver, corrupted software, virus infection and malware attack, which may prevent the PC from booting normally, or cause the Windows to be unstable and unusable.Here we are how you can boot into Safe Mode easily.

1- From your keyboard Press Windows key + R and type “msconfig”.

2- At system configuration click on Boot tab and check mark Safe boot option also check mark Minimal then click on apply and restart your computer.

3- When you restart your computer it will automatically boot in safe mode. and once you are done doing whatever you needed to do in safe mode…remember to to turn safe mode off again repeat the same process at the system configuration windows and untick Safe boot and restart your computer.

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