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How To Disable/Enable Check box Selection in Windows 10

You may have noticed that in Windows Explorer, there are small check-boxes to the left of the file or folder names. This could be helpful to identify the current selected item and if would you like an easier way to select multiple files in Windows Explorer without having to hold down the “Ctrl” or “Shift” key? Today we take a look at enabling the check boxes feature which might be easier for some users. But if you don’t like this, there are ways to turn this check-box off.

From the start menu search box type “folder options” then select folder options and go to view tab.

Under the View tab, find a setting under Advanced settings: > Uncheck/Check “Use check boxes to select items”. That’s it, click OK to apply the setting.

And once it’s enabled, you don’t need hold down shift/ctrl key anymore for selecting multiple items. Instead, you can simply tick the box for the items you want to select. You can even tick the box at the top of the list to select all item at once in the same location.

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