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How to Prevent users from changing Password in Windows 10

If you have setup password protected user accounts on your machine to your family members or friends, you can prevent other users from changing their user account passwords in Windows 10.

Computers open to general or specified public for use; usually have a common and shared username. In most of the cases, this username is also protected by a password. A user may try, and succeed in changing the password, and you cannot even identify that user due to a high number of attendants on a same PC. To avoid the troublesomeness resulting from it, prevent these users to change the concerned PIN.

1- Press windows key + R then type lusrmgr.msc and hit Enter key.

2- From Local User and Groups window, click on Users then in the left pane right-click on the user account name for which you would like to setup up the password restriction, and then select Properties.

3- Next, under the General tab, check the box named User cannot change password. Click Apply button to setup the restriction for the user account.

So next time if anyone want to change the password, Windows will show “Windows cannot change the password” error.remember that this method works only for standard user accounts. That's mean you can’t restrict an Admin user from changing his password.

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