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How to Turn Fast Startup Off for DualBoot in Windows 10

New systems shipped with Windows 10 are coming along UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) system. Due to some features in these systems like Fast Start-up, Secure Boot and boot-manager hard-coded with Windows 10, it is now quite difficult to dual-boot this with any Linux version.

Fast Startup (aka: hybrid boot or hybrid Shutdown) is a new feature was presented in Windows 8 and now in windows 10 to help your PC start up faster after shutting down. When turned on, Windows 10 does this by using a hybrid shutdown (a partial hibernate) method that saves only the kernal session and device drivers (system information) to the hibernate (hiberfil.sys) file on disk instead of closing it when you shut down your PC. This also makes the hiberfil.sys file to be much smaller than what hibernate would use (often 4GB or more).

To disable Fast Startup, follow these simple instructions:

1- Open the Control Panel , and click on the Power Options .

2- Click on Choose what the power buttons do.

3- Click on Change settings that are currently unavailable .

5- Under Shutdown settings, uncheck the Turn on fast startup then click Save changes .

Turning off the “fast startup/hybrid boot” option fixes the chkdsk problem during the installation .


The damage is done during installation, as far as I'm concerned. At least that is the case with Win 8. It messes with my boot files so all boots must do through one drive even though I have Windows installed on multiple drives. If that drive gets sick, I can't boot. How do I fix that?


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