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What Is The Difference Between 32-bit & 64-bit Windows 10

If Windows 10 comes in different flavors such as Enterprise, or Ultimate, or Professional, and Home Premium, we will get another difference: the x64 and x86 versions. These versions correspond to the type of processor or CPU that is in the computer. Older systems will have an x86 CPU, newer ones, x64.

If you do not know the difference between 32-bit and 64-bit, I would have told you in the past that you are running a 32-bit version of Windows. But from Windows 7 there are more 64-bit operating systems shipped by default without the end users knowledge.64-bit system is better but you also need to be running 64-bit programs and have a 64-bit processor or else all the trouble of setting up the 64-bit operating system would be worthless.

And the Key Difference is x86 is a family of instruction set architectures that are based on the original Intel 8086 CPU. The x64 is an instruction set architecture that belongs to the x86 family that supports 64 bits per address.

Windows 10 System requirements 64-bit (x64)
CPU mit 1 GHz
20 GByte Disk
2 GByte RAM

Windows 10 System requirements 32-bit (x86)
CPU mit 1 GHz
16 GByte Disk
1 GByte RAM

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